Newco 20:1 Pro Combo

  • Brews coffee and hot tea
  • The auto-arm temperature sensor will only allow brewing to happen at the correct temperature
  • Ready light lets you know that you’re ready to brew
  • Digital time display alerts you when the beverage will be done
  • Brewer signal alerts when your beverage is ready
  • Under 18″ to fit under cabinets
  • Brews into some taller airpots and still fits under 18″
  • Dimensions: 8.9″ Width x 17.99″ Height x 18.5″ Depth

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Always have enough coffee with this Newco coffee brewer! Touch key buttons accommodate your beverage type and container style using digital controls for volume control, pulse brewing, drain time, and temperature. Plus, this unit features a temperature sensor to ensure the correct brewing temperature every time!

CONTACT us for details.